Lunar Manifestation Crystals: 6 Gemstones To Attract Abundance Today

Lunar Manifestation Crystals: 6 Gemstones To Attract Abundance Today

  • Set your intentions and manifest your desires with the powerful energy of the lunar cycle and the gemstones that match the energy of each lunar phase.
  • For millennia, humans have worshiped the moon and called on it to manifest intentions. Find the gemstone that best support your intentions.
  • We will explain here how you can adapt your gemstones and intentions to make the most of each phase and manifest the transformation you desire.

Full Moon Manifestation

The Magic Energy of Lunar Cycles

"For millennia, humans have worshiped the moon and called on it to manifest  their intentions."

Who of us has not already looked at the majestic moon with great curiosity and sensed its magical power? The moon exerts a powerful gravitational pull on the Earth, causing the ebbs and tides of the ocean. 

Each lunar cycle phase provides a specific energy to support the your intentions. We will explain here how you can adapt your gemstones and intentions to make the most of each phase and manifest the transformation you desire.

Plan Your Moon Phases
  • The year has 12 New Moons and 12 Full Moons. Find the dates for your location online and mark them in your calendar.
  • Start planning your monthly rituals and let the manifestation of your intentions begin. Choose the crystals that best match the lunar phase.
  • When the full moon is closet to earth, it is called a super moon. Plan special rituals for these special occasions 😉, and choose intentions that are important for you.

Feel the New Moon's Energy

"The beginning of the lunar cycle is a strong symbol of New Beginnings, an excellent time to set new intentions."

Like a farmer sowing seeds in the spring, this is your time to plant the seeds for the change you so much desire. Be clear about your intentions and imagine the end result to come to you in abundance and at ease.

Learn more about the power of affirmations and the habits successful people have shared with us to manifest your goals at ease - 10 Instant Life Changing Habits to Manifest your Goals Today

New Moon Intentions

  • Choose one intention to work on each lunar cycle, that way it will get the attention and energy it needs to come to fruition.
  • Use meditation, visualisation, or breathing techniques to take good care of your seeds and watch them grow, gradually transforming your life.
  • You can aid these techniques through the use of gemstones or crystals to magnify your intentions and aid the manifestation process.

Best Gemstones for New Moon



Did you know that Labradorite is one of the best gemstones to use during New Moon? Its bright flashes surfacing from dark tones resemble the sphere of New Moon, reminding us that even during the dark New Moon, light abounds. 

Labradorite embodies the power of the New Moon to spark intentions for your new beginnings and allows you to search for your true meaning and the manifestation of your dreams.

Find support from the Labradorite - Shungite Mala Necklace for the manifestation of your intentions.



Sandalwood is another special gemstone to use during New Moon to find inspiration and increase the power of your desires.

Cherished for its intense aromatic properties and distinct fragrance, let Sandalwood help you clear your mind and, from a feeling of presence and clarity, set your intentions.

The Sandalwood Lotus Mala Bracelet was created to combine the power of Sandalwood with the meaning of the Lotus Flower, a strong symbol for new beginnings.


Black Tourmaline

Mirroring the glowing stars of a clear night’s sky, Black Tourmaline is another favourite gemstone of ours to use during New Moon.

It offers fantastic protective energies and is a reliable source of strength against negative energies. Let it be your personal guide to convert negative energies into positive intentions.

The Black Tourmaline Choker is an elegant way to show-case your favourite sparkly Black Tourmaline gemstones and stay protected to their meanings.


Feel the Full Moon's Energy

When the moon cycle reaches its activity peak, at Full Moon, the moon is at its brightest and most powerful. Use this powerful energy to focus on intentions that benefit from just a bit more emphasis to bring them to fruition.

You can also let the bright light of the full moon, the same way as it lights up the dark sky, shine light into aspects of your life that you want to release into the darkness to free up space for new beginnings.

Try a self-love exercise to reconnect with you self and truly know what you desire the most and what aspects in your life you would like to leave behind. Many of us have benefited tremendously from self-love exercises and felt their transformational impact. Get ready to use these trusted exercises to reconnect with your inner-self today - Start Loving Yourself Today - 5 Exercises To Reconnect With Yourself

Full Moon Release Opportunity

  • If you are struggling with negative emotions or if some thoughts are blocking you from manifesting your intentions, use the Full Moon as an opportunity to release them.
Try out one of the many powerful Full Moon Rituals to support you in shining light into the aspects of your life that need a bit more attention.
Full Moon Ritual

Best Gemstones for Full Moon

The best gemstones to work with on Full Moon are those that embody the bright energy of the Full Moon. These gemstones allow you to harness the incredible energy of the Full Moon phase.  


With its bright sparkly surface and soft blue hues, the Moonstone strongly resembles the powerful shine of the Full Moon.

The Moonstone has long been associated with the peak of the lunar cycle activity and provides you with a source of strength for inner growth and new beginnings.

Feel the Moonstone Mala Necklace re-energises your intuition, good fortune, and creativity, helping you in your own phases of change.



Clear Quartz

With the lunar cycle at the peak of its activity at Full Moon, use Clear Quartz gemstones to further amplify the energy of your thoughts and intentions.

With a clarity and purity akin to fresh spring water, let it stimulate your positive thoughts and feelings.

Feel the intense pure energy of the Clarity Quartz Gold Necklace support you with manifesting your intentions.   




Another gemstone that is well known for its powerful abilities to magnify your intentions is Amethyst. Feel its energy provide support in manifesting your desires by magnifying your intentions.

Feel the support the Balance Amethyst Mala Bracelet provides during Full Moon, which combines Quartz and Amethyst gemstones beads finished with a traditional Om charm.


Start today and Plan your Lunar Manifestation 

  • Find the next new moon where you are, and reflect on what intention you desire the most to come to fruition.
  • Start planning a full moon ritual that suits you well - burning sage, placing your crystals by the window, meditation in full moon light, etc. - you choose what works best for you.
  • Pick the gemstone that best reflects your intentions - is it Moonstone, Labradorite, or even Sandalwood?
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