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Authentic gemstones radiate positive energy to aid meditation practices and promote setting intentions.

Choose the meaning that promotes mindfulness and aligns your spiritual journey with your desires.

African Turquoise Mala Necklace

Growth African Turquoise

* Finely tuned to aiding growth and transformation, let the “Stone of Evolution” awaken your intended purpose.

* Closely resembling the earthy tones of an ever-growing forest, African Turquoise inspires structure and balance.

* Feel its intense energy provide you with the strength and support you need to pursue change with confidence.

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Soothing Amazonite

* Sharing the intense soothing energy of Amazonite, this mala bead spreads tranquility throughout your mind.

* Feel its peaceful energy alleviate your worries and fears and restore your precious mind to its most serene state.

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Tranquility Aquamarine

* Mirroring the purity of crystalline sea water, this gemstone inspires personal truth and letting go, cleansing your mind.

* Feel the gemstone beads evoke courage in you to venture forward with calm thoughts and a renewed mind.

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Flourish Aventurine

* Offering the bright light of happiness of Aventurine, this mala bead infuses your mind with positive energy and compassion.

* Let the soft pink of the Aventurine beads offer you the energy of love and open your heart to new possibilities.

* Connect with this handmade mala piece to activate your heart chakras and share in prosperity with your loved ones.

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Protection Black Tourmaline

* Offering the protective energy of Black Tourmaline, let it be your source of strength against negative energies.

* Mirroring the glowing stars of a clear night’s sky, let the gemstones guide you to convert negative energy into positive intentions.

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Calming Howlite

* Finely tuned to your emotional needs, Howlite releases stress & anxiety and helps you find inner peace.

* As tranquil as a still lake, this mala jewelry empowers you with a great sense of stability, strength, and harmony.

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Protection Labradorite

* Feel the strong protective energy of Labradorite and let it be your personal barrier to deflect unwanted vibes.

* Like its bright flashes surfacing from the dark tones, sense it encourage self-awareness and reflection.

* Feel its energy enhance your inner strength and willpower for the personal transformation you desire.

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Wisdom Lapis Lazuli

* Offering the celestial blue of Lapis Lazuli, a symbol of wisdom, let it raise your desire for knowledge & truth.

* Feel its gold glimmers, like stars in the night sky, activate your higher mind and enhance the process of learning.

* A strong symbol of vision, let it bring good judgment into your daily life and aid your intellectual analysis.

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New Beginnings Moonstone

* Feel the strong connection of Moonstone to the lunar cycle, reminding us that everything is part of a cycle of change.

* Let it provide you with the source of inner growth and strength that you need for your new beginnings.

* Feel it re-energizes your intuition, good fortune, and creativity, helping you in your own phases of change.

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Strength Onyx

* An ancient gemstone already valued by Greek and Egyptian emperors as a powerful absorbent and transformer of negative energy.

* It is said to aid the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina and fosters wise decision-making.

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Clarity Quartz

* Feel the quartz gemstone beads provide clarity and purity akin to fresh spring water to your mind.

* Let it stimulate your positive thoughts and feel the intense energy support you with manifesting your intentions.

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Grounding Riverstone

* Sense the supportive energy of Riverstone, encouraging you to go with the flow as you embrace change.

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Self-Love Rose Quartz

* Reminiscent of the reds of a rose, the soft pink of this mala offers you energy of love and opens your heart to new possibilities.

* Let it restore trust and harmony in relationships and feel its soft energy enhancing love in any situation.

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Aromatic Sandalwood

* Offering the warm scent of Sandalwood, feel it help you clear your mind and bring calmness to your entire being.

* Let its intense healing aroma promote feelings of peace and serenity and aid bringing you to the present moment.

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Protective Shungite

* Shungite is a powerful ancient spiritual healing and grounding stone with the elemental power of purity.

* It is known to protect you especially during times of stress and challenges, allowing you to find the inner strength and resilience.

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Abundance Sunstone

* Like the vibrant rays of the sun, this gemstone offers the openness of the sun, evoking vitality and positivity.

* Sense its energy flow and embrace its strength to open yourself to the abundance life is bringing towards you.

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Transformation Tiger Eye

* Powerful and ever vigilant, let Tiger Eye sharpen your senses and bring refreshing clarity to your inner vision.

* With its rich layers of gold and brown, draw on it to strengthen your will to manifest prosperity and good fortune.

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