10 Instant Life Changing Habits to Manifest your Goals Today

10 Instant Life Changing Habits to Manifest your Goals Today

  • Successful personalities have specific habits in common that allow them to achieve their goals at ease, dramatically improving their life in wonderful ways. They live richer, happier and more rewarding lives. 
  • The ones that shared their life changing experiences with us, have shown how powerful their habits are in transforming their lives, bringing abundance and wealth to all aspects of their life.
  • See below how you can embrace each habit and include it in your daily routine, allowing you to see results from day one! Don’t wait - let’s get ready to transform your life now.


A Strong Desire Comes First

A strong desire comes first when we want to transform our life. A desire, so strong that our unconscious mind and the universe feel its impact, is necessary for it to come into existence.

It is important to ask yourself what it is that you want emotionally, deep down in your heart, that you desire for the life of your dreams to come true. Take your time to explore what you really wish, to have a life filled with joy, personal and spiritual growth, abundance, and wonderful friendships and relationships. 

Sometimes we are unsure of what it is that we really want. All of us have been there. What we have learned from successful people, the true masters of desires, is that they are strongly guided by their feelings to help them find their way. Sense what feels right for you, what allows you to feel at ease, fulfilled and energised.

Be careful not to be guided by appearance and what other people think. Only you truly know what is best for you, based on who you are. Follow your feelings, your heart and your mind, and you will find your path.

Life Screening Exercise 

  • Many of us have benefited tremendously from screening each aspects of our life to identify the greatest need for change.
  • In a calm state of mind, review your relationships, your work situation, your home and living spaces, your health, your friendships, your daily routine, your sleeping habits, etc.
  • Take an honest look where you are in each of these areas and where you would like to be. This will show you clearly which desires can have the greatest impact on your life.

Start from a Place of Strength

When you look for changes in your life, start from a place of strength, not incompleteness or need.

Please take this advice to heart as it will dramatically change how you experience your journey, feeling like an adventure and a choice instead of a struggle. Have confidence that you will achieve your desire at ease - enjoying every single step along the way.

Be mindful that it is not only the realisation of your dreams that will bring you complete happiness. Most of us adjust our dreams as we go, adding to the list of desires and raising the bar ever higher. Just like a top athlete, when we reach one goal, we immediately fix our sight on the next.

Successful people have learned early on that the key is to find happiness even while we do not yet have all we desire, because we never will. To find joy in life means to appreciate to the fullest the journey towards our desires.

Don’t let your journey cause you feel stressed. Stress results from our belief that we need to plan every step and overcome every obstacle in our way, rather than recognising that the effort to reach our desires is completed at a spiritual level, through our thoughts, desires and intentions. 

Focus on your broader objectives, and do not try to control specific steps, people, or events. Your unconscious mind and the universe will manage the transformation for you, motivated by your repeated actions. Don’t feel stressed - enjoy the journey.

Strength Exercise

  • When you experience the feeling of incompleteness or need, ask yourself what it is that specifically results in this sentiment. This will help you get to the rout of it and avoid this sentiment in the future.
  • To rewire yourself with positive feelings, take a step back, look at the bigger picture of the mission you embarked on and the rewards you will be reaping once you achieve your goals.
  • Don’t let your sentiment be impact by small bumps along the way. Take them with a confident stride and you will feel empowered and reassured that you are on the right track.

Embrace your Current Situation with Mindfulness

“Change your perception of your current circumstances and align your thoughts with what you want in the future - change is just one single thought away!”

Often we have the tendency to fight our current situation as we would like to escape from it right away, or change it as quickly as possible. Even the most successful individuals have this urge. 

What they have however discovered, is that fighting it will only create an attachment to you negative thoughts and feelings, anchoring your in place. Instead, accept it, understand its value and rise above anything unpleasant, releasing yourself from the current circumstance. 

Instant Relief Exercise

  • To provide immediate relief and find joy in your life again, change the perception of your circumstances.
  • When you experience emotions that hurt, go straight to their rout, the belief that gave rise to them, and begin to understand them.
  • Often misunderstandings can lead to feeling hurt and putting an emphasis on understanding them will go a long way to feel relief.

The Secret of Self-love

“Self-love is a feeling where you experience the sensation of being enough - you feel beautiful, worthy, and appreciative of who you are.”

It is important to accept that when we are in peace with ourselves, we can find peace in our life and in our relationships. Understanding ourselves, who we are, makes it easier to understand our life and others.

In order to love yourself and understand yourself, you first need to be yourself: authentic and natural, as you are. This will allow you to understanding yourself better and accept yourself.

You will find that very quickly, when you are at peace with yourself, you will be more in demand. You will feel balanced, your health will improve, and abundance and wealth will flow to you.

To accept yourself also means to forgive yourself for any decisions or choices you made in the past that you now regret. We all make mistakes. Remember that you have genuinely only ever given your best, based on the situation and your understanding at that time.

Many of us have benefited tremendously from self-love exercises and felt their transformational impact. Get ready to use these trusted exercises to reconnect with your inner-self today - Start Loving Yourself Today - 5 Exercises To Reconnect With Yourself

I love Myself Exercise

  • Appreciating yourself makes everything so much easier in life. Try this very personal and almost intimate exercise (in a great way) and feel how it transforms your spirit and energises you in a very calming way.
  • To start this exercise, look at yourself in the mirror, gently gaze at your eyes, and say the words “I LOVE YOU”, looking in your eyes like speaking directly to your soul.
  • Think about what it is about you as a human being that you love so much. Think about a quality or an ability of you that made you proud today.

Visualise your Goals

Imagine the emotions, joy, satisfaction, and sensations you will feel when your dream has manifested.

Visualise 1 to 2 times a day, 5 to 10 minutes at a time, always in the firm belief that you fully deserve what you desire and that your thoughts will become reality. Find a routine that works best for you to seamlessly fit it into your day. Dream big! 

Try using crystals or mala beads to support your positive thoughts and intentions or guide your breath during your daily visualisation routine. 

When we want something to come into our lives, we must begin thinking and acting as if it already has come into existence. We first need to live our dreams in our thoughts before we can manifest them. You create this inner world on a daily basis with your beliefs, thoughts, expectations and intentions. 

It is important to focus exclusively on the end result and not every single steps in between. Planning every step would only cause you feel unnecessarily stressed. Let your unconscious mind and the universe figure out the details. Step back, focus on the end result, and enjoy the journey.

Your Idol Exercise

  • To find inspiration for what your desired life should look like, think of someone who lives the life you want to live.
  • Think of a celebrity or an individual that you respect and admire and see which aspects of theirs life you envy the most.
  • Visualise them already being present in your life. Feel free to choose whatever its is that you desire. Dream big, it is within you to make it happen.

Take Action Towards Your Transformation

“Take action towards your dream - consistently think and behave as if your dream is already a reality.”

Taking action is the key for success - thoughts alone are not enough to achieve your desires. Acting once is not enough either, you must be repeatedly acting and behaving as if your dreams are already a reality.

We all have the tendency to focus initially on thoughts to bring us closer to achieving our dreams. This is a very important step, to get us in the right mindset, to have thoughts of abundance and success. However, it is important to start taking action towards manifesting your goals. 

Successful people do not wait for the positive changes to come their way, they start right  away to take deliberate actions. Actions are a strong demonstration of expectation. Through it, we engage our unconscious mind and seek support from the entire universe.

Keep up your actions until in every area of your life you have achieved your goals. We have the tendency to get satisfied once we start to see the first changes materialise towards our ultimate goal. The ones of us that strive for ultimate success don’t let jubilation dampen their efforts until every area of their life matches their desires.

Just Start Exercise

  • If you are overwhelmed with a task ahead, just start! Take a first step, and even if it turns out to be in the wrong direction, you will correct and advance.
  • Do not think in terms of finishing the task, as this may feel overwhelming, but convince yourself to take the first step, and then another step, and one more.
  • The next thing you know is that your activity is well underway and you are progressing towards manifesting your goals - how great is that! 


Have Trust in Your Life

“Have trust in your life - trust that everything is going your way, and your life will become effortless.”

As human beings, we are generally cautious when starting a new phase of our life, transforming aspects of our life, or entering unchartered terrain. This is a healthy habit that has well served our ancestors.

However, if we want to be successful in the pursuits of our desires, we need to have some level of trust in our journey and life. The more we have confidence that we are on the right path, that the desired changes are coming our way, the more effortless our life will become.

Have trust that your powerful unconscious mind, the universe, God or the spiritual support that you believe in is there for you to protect and guide you on your journey. You are never alone!

Faith Exercise

  • Have faith – from your first step to the manifestation of your desires.
  • Live your life, to the degree possible, as if your desires are already true.
  • View the physical world around you as mere mirrors of your prior thoughts. Your powerful daily thoughts, intentions and expectations will transform your life.


Positive Thoughts & Affirmations

“Repeatedly say and feel what you want to experience - putting emotions in your words and thoughts - choosing beliefs and words of abundance.”

Your words often reflect those thoughts that you most intensely believe in. Pay close attention to your words to see if you have thoughts of abundance or scarcity. Our words are our thoughts that will become reality the soonest. 

Words that you deliberately choose, such as affirmations, are an amazing tool for installing new thoughts and attracting new beliefs that are in line with your dreams. Affirmations, or mantras, are very powerful, and can help us reduce limiting thoughts and replace them with a sense of abundance. 

By repeatedly saying and, most importantly, feeling what you want to experience – as if you were already there - you create the positive energy that gives the thoughts the credibility in your own mind. By feeling the emotions in your words, you magnify the power of the affirmations and intensify the beliefs you want to embrace.

Learn how to set your intentions and manifest your desires with the powerful energy of the lunar cycle - Manifestation Crystals: 6 Gemstones To Attract Abundance Today

I have Received Exercise

  • Say "Thank you" for the things you do not have yet, as if you already have them, putting positive feelings into your words.
  • By putting feelings into your words, you express the belief that you have already received, setting the powerful force of the unconscious mind in motion.
  • Say for example “I am so grateful for my amazing new job”, or “I feel so at home in our wonderful new house”.


Wealth & Abundance

“Ask for wealth and abundance and visualise it coming to you quickly and easily - stretch your thoughts.”

Imagine the emotions, joy, and sensations you expect to feel once you have achieved your desired life. Be sure to not let limiting beliefs get in your way - aim high and stretch your thoughts - you can have it all - just believe in it!

Whenever you catch yourself with limited believes, visualise new ways of life to override them and get back on track to achieving your goals. It is tremendously helpful to understand why you have limiting believes, so that you know the cause, and can reduce them in the future.

Stretch Your Thoughts Exercise

  • Don’t just ask, for example, for a new relationship, but a relationship that fulfils you and excites you every single day.
  • When you are looking to change jobs, ask for a new role that not only pays the bills but the provides you with a rewarding career perspective and the ability to make a difference in other people’s lives.
  • For what change are you looking for in your life the most and how will it make a difference in your life? 


Your Daily Reminders

Organise your life in such a manner so that you are constantly faced with reminders of what your new life will look like. He are some ideas that have worked well for us.

Scrap Book

  • Create your very personal scrap book that has photos and visuals of your desired end results.
  • On a regular basis, look at these pictures and visualise them manifesting into your life.
  • Add to your book on a regular basis with photos that you come across that allow you to visualise details of your desired end result.

Index Cards

  • You can also use index cards to note down in great detail what you want from your life - work / career, personal life / friendships, health / nutrition, etc. This will help guide your thinking along the lines of your desires. 
  • As a starting point, write down your three top goals in each area for this year. Also note down the emotions you will feel once you achieve the objective. 
  • Write for example down how you will feel in your new role, the compliments you will receive. Or write down the emotions you will feel when you and your family will move into that brand new house of your dreams for the first time. 


  • Sit centred in a quiet place each morning and have a personal conversation with your unconscious mind.
  • Express your goals in a confident manner, explaining why you would like to bring these aspects into your life and what it would mean to you and your family.
  • Try using prayer or mala beads to aid you in setting your intentions and guide your breath. 


Start Today

  • Which habit do you feel can make the greatest difference in your life?
  • Which exercise appealed the most to you to support your intentions?
  • Start today, with your first step towards manifesting your desires and transforming you life. You will succeed, and never look back. 
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