Welcome to Mindmade

... where we create mala beads to aid your meditation & mindfulness practice to connect with yourself.


Hi there, I am Ana. When searching for ways to aid my meditation practice, I came across mala beads and fell in love with them. I create mala jewelry for you in Portugal (which I call my home now) with the designs inspired by the stunning nature and positive vibes & energy of Portugal.

Reconnecting with Your Inner Self

Many of us are held back by anxiety and stress at some point in our live, including myself, impacting our most precious resource, our mind. This inspired me to explore tools that enable us to calm our mind and experience profound personal transformation.


The Strength of Mala Beads

I discovered that meditation, a technique facilitated by prayer beads dating back thousands of years, allows me to calm my mind. 

As the beads glide through our fingers, we repeat mantras and positive thoughts to infuse them into our mind, experiencing silent awareness.

Bead by Bead for Your Mind

With this inspiration, I began crafting mala necklaces from gemstones that aid meditation. I carefully select gemstones with soothing and strengthening properties and knot each bead onto a strong silk thread - one by one - with positive intentions.


Inspired by Nature

Mother earth provides us with the gemstones that I use to create the mala necklaces. The designs are inspired by the stunning nature of Portugal, with its powerful oceans, its vast forests and its refreshing flower meadows. I am here to share this positive and rejuvinating energy with you through mala jewelery. Enjoy!

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